Frogstomp de Silverchair




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Disquera: Sony Music Entertainment
Along with STP's Core and Bush's Sixteen Stone, Frogstomp is one of the foundations of post-grunge, still in its infancy in 1995. Throughout, Silverchair prove to be savvy tunesmiths fusing grunge's calling-card elements: Pearl Jam's somber lyricism, Nirvana's wiry punk, Soundgarden's metal heft. Needless to say, the anguished anthems come fast and hard, from "Tomorrow" and "Pure Massacre" to "Shade" and "Suicidal Dream." That last tune is truly over the top, what with singer Daniel Johns croaking, "The rope is here/ Now I'll find a use/ I'll kill myself." Of course, he was 15 at the time.
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